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Medical Marijuana

We offer evaluations for patients seeking medical marijuana as a treatment option. For eligible patients, we offer assistance in obtaining the 329 card, which grants legal access to medical marijuana for various medical conditions in the state of Hawaii. Our compassionate and knowledgeable providers are dedicated to ensuring you receive the support and guidance needed to manage your health with this alternative therapy.

Get your Medical Marijuana 329 Card

1 / Create an Account

Visit Medical Cannabis Registry and create a free account. Remember your login credentials as you will need them to retrieve your 329 card if approved.

2 / Complete the Demographics Section

Fill out the demographics section of the application using information exactly as it appears on your ID.

3 / Caretaker and Grow Site Options

Indicate if you require a caretaker and whether you wish to apply for a grow site.

4/ Search for Certifying Provider

Our clinic has two providers that approve 329 applications.  Search Provider by Name or License Number.


  • First Name: Ky

  • Last Name: Le 

  • License Number: MD #13470


  • First Name: Anitalei

  • Last Name: Alexio

  • i. License Number: APRN #505

5/ Upload Identification

Upload a copy of a valid, current ID.

6/ Process Payment

Pay the application fee of $38.50 for a 1-year card or $77.00 for a 2-year card via credit card through the application portal.

7/ Submit Application and Schedule Appointment

Submit your application and schedule a 15-minute appointment with one of our providers in-clinic. 

8/ Prepare for Your Appointment

IMPORTANT Bring supporting documents and medical records that justify your qualifying diagnosis to your appointment.

9/ Attend Your Appointment

At your appointment, one of our providers will review your application. If approved, allow 1-2 weeks for the Department of Health to process the approval.

10/ Retrieve Your 329 Card

Once approved, log back into your account and download a copy of your certified 329 card and print a copy that can be used at eligible medical marijuana stores in Hawaii.

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